Now (the sky is everywhere)

photographic series

NOW (Edinburgh), 10/04/2014

The Social Media Art Project NOW (the sky is everywhere) consists of several hundred photographs depicting the sky and are taken all over the world in regular/irregular serial repetition. Each image is immediately uploaded to social media and invites the viewer to participate in the here and now.

NOW (Big Sur), 24/03/2014

NOW (Portocolom), 13/05/2014

NOW (London), 10/11/2014

NOW (Brooklyn), 13/12/2014

NOW (Aptos), 16/01/2015

NOW (Paris), 13/02/2015

NOW (Pucon), 11/04/2015

NOW (Escrick), 25/04/2014

NOW (Suttgart), 19/05/2015

NOW (TAMM), 19/05/2015

single channel video installation; social media platforms.

Limited edition postcard set pubished by MoJu Gallery Stuttgart.