Chez Toi

series of radical generosity dinners, undocumented
b. 2014, ongoing

Dāna or Dānaisa is a Sanskrit and Pali word that connotes the virtue of generosity, charity or giving of alms in Indian philosophies.

For a Chez Toi dinner you invite friends, or friends of friends you’d like to become friends with, or interesting strangers you want to get to know better, or celebrities you always wanted to hang out with (you get the idea...) to YOUR home. I will arrive with bags filled with delicious, fresh treats at your house in the late afternoon and start prepping and cooking. You (and /or your guests) provide the drinks. Everyone is most welcome to hang in the kitchen and watch (some people like to watch), or help (some people like to help), mix cocktails, nibble on appetizers, or just mingle. And then, at 19.30 or so, we all enjoy a marvelous meal at YOUR fabulous table.

Number of people: 8-12 including yourself

Cost: Dāna - At the end of the evening you (and your guests) pay what the evening was worth to you, what you can afford, what you are willing to give. Please ask your guests to bring cash. 

To book your Chez Toi dinner email me

Looking forward to cooking for you!


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